Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tinsel sing other music besides Holiday songs?

Think weddings, church services, birthday parties, cocktail hours...the possibilities are endless!

How do I book a Tinsel quartet for my party?

Just click on the tab that says CONTACT and follow the instructions, you’ll be all set in no time!

How do I know which singers are going to sing at my party?

Tinsel guarantees that you will be charmed and delighted by our entire roster of singers! Part of the fun of being a Tinsel singer is the opportunity to perform in different quartet combinations. No matter which four singers arrive at your door, you will be satisfied customers!

Is it appropriate to tip the singers?

Tipping is welcomed and is at the audiences discretion. It is common for our quartets to receive tips in a restaurant setting when our quartets visit individual tables and take requests. 

Can we take pictures and video of the singers?

Please do! All we ask is that you keep the flashes to a minimum, and to tag us if you post on social media (#tinselsingers, @tinselsingers) and include our website if you post to Vine, Vimeo or YouTube!